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Hangzhou Phobor Technology Co.,Ltd

---Focus on effect pigments and related materials science---


Hangzhou Phobor Technology Co.,Ltd is a dynamic and innovative company with a clear focus on the development, production, distribution and service of effect pigments. We are equipped with our R&D labs, equipment and advanced QC system, as well as a full set of application support lab for effect pigments. In this case we are able to provide high performance new effect pigments, high stable conventional effect pigments and cost-effective products to help our customers succeed!

It is our pursuit is that products in the entire world have unique colors, luster, sparkle and shimmer. With bold color effects and powerful functions, our effect pigments are widely used in plastics, inks, cosmetics, construction, automotive and electronic products. Combined with functional solutions, our effect pigments could find a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. As an expert in the field of effect pigments, we could offer the best colors and the widest range of effect pigments based on different substrates and coating technologies. Also, we are able to guarantee a consistent quality and thus enjoy a good reputation in the market.

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Add: No. 51, Chengye Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou 310053

Tel: +86-571-81603588

Fax: +86-571-81603566

E-mail: info@phobor.com


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