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Super Soft Pearlescent Pigments

Supearl ® Super Soft pearlescent pigments

Supearl ® Super Soft pearlescent pigments take fine particle <15 microns natural mice as substrate, coating with titanium oxide and other metal oxides. Through delicate control the thickness of coating, achieved silver, gold, red, fuchsia, violet, violet-blue, blue, greenish gold, bluish-green, green and so on eye-catching color shades. Because of their fine particle size, narrow distribution, big diameter-thickness ratio, they have properties of high hiding performance, high luster and high chromatic. Besides because of high coating, they also have good anti oil and anti UV effects.



Fine particle size, narrow distribution, big diameter-thickness ratio

High luster, high chromatic, good hiding performance

Finest interference product in China

Extreme smooth substrate surface


Supearl ® super soft pearlescent pigments are widely used in ink, printing, cosmetic, textile, leather, plastic and so on.


Supearl ®  Super Soft pearlescent pigments product list

Supearl® Code

Particle Size(µm)


Supearl® S2201

<15 µm

Super Soft Silver White

Supearl® S2202

<15 µm

Super Soft Gold

Supearl® S2203

<15 µm

Super Soft Orange

Supearl® S2204

<15 µm

Super Soft Violet Red

Supearl® S2205

<15 µm

Super Soft Violet

Supearl® S2206

<15 µm

Super Soft Violet Blue

Supearl® S2207

<15 µm

Super Soft Blue

Supearl® S2208

<15 µm

Super Soft Greenish Gold

Supearl® S2209

<15 µm

Super Soft Bluish Green

Supearl® S2210

<15 µm

Super Soft Green


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