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Glass-Flaked Silver

Supearl® “V” - Metalshine pigments consist of Glass flakes products coated with silver - luxury metal effect pigments are based on micron level thickness glass flakes, delicately proceed with pure silver of chemical Nano coating process. Which gives coating, plastic, ink and cosmetic products a kind of super stereoscopic sparkling silver luster,


1, Luxury brilliance silver effects

2, Strongest, swaying 3D stereoscopic luster effect

3, Good hiding performance

4, Excellent electrical conductivity and germicidal activity

5, Optically variable to angle


Supearl®“V” glass flakes coated with silver created unique silver metal and sparkling effects, widely used in coating, plastic, cosmetic, toys and food package.

Product List

Supearl® Code

Particle Size(µm)


Supearl® V020

8-48 µm

Mirror Silver

Supearl® V035

10-100 µm

Ultra Silver

Supearl® V080

30-220 µm

Brilliant Silver

Supearl® V090

40-220 µm

Bright Silver

Supearl® V150

50-350 µm

Sparkling Silver

Supearl® V200

80- 450 µm

Glittery Silver

Supearl® V400

100- 800 µm

Gloss Silver

Supearl® V500

200-1200 µm

Scattering Silver

Supearl® V580

500-2000 µm

Platinum Silver


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