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Hangzhou Phobor Technology Co.,Ltd Code of Conduct

Hangzhou Phobor Technology Co.,Ltd is committed to comply with relevant national labor security laws and regulations, comply with international labor standards, and other applicable industry standards and international conventions, and continuously improve working conditions and employee benefits according to its standards.
Hangzhou Phobor Technology Co., Ltd. solemnly promises:

1. Obey the law
The company complies with all current applicable national laws and regulations, international labor standards and other codes of conduct.

2. Freedom of association
The company establishes a trade union, and employees can communicate with the company's senior leaders through issues of concern to the organization.

3. Prohibition of discrimination
The company does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, religious beliefs, descent, social status, social background, disability, racial and ethnic origin, nationality, membership in workers' organizations, parties, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics.

4, welfare treatment
The company strictly abides by the local government's requirements on minimum wage standards, and pays overtime wages as required by the Labor Law, ensuring that employees receive wages and salaries that meet their normal living expenses, and do not deduct or default on their wages in any form.

5, working hours
The company abides by the requirements of the Labor Law on working hours, rationally arranges work and rest time, ensures the right of employees to rest and vacation, and completes the production and work tasks of the enterprise.

6, health and safety
The company is committed to establishing and improving regulations and procedures related to occupational health, health and safety, and strictly implementing them to ensure the health and safety of employees.

7. Prohibition of child labor
The company strictly abides by the provisions of the International Labor Organization and the UN Conventions and national laws. Employees must be at least 16 years of age, child labor is prohibited (under 16 years of age), and the employed juvenile workers are strictly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Require protection.

8. Prohibition of forced labor
The company strictly prohibits forced labor or prisoners in accordance with relevant requirements.

9. Environmental and safety issues
The company strictly abides by relevant laws and regulations related to environmental protection, and handles the waste generated by the factory according to relevant requirements, creating a good working environment and social environment.
Hangzhou Phobor Technology Co., Ltd. will strictly abide by the above commitments, maintain communication with all employees, and continuously update the system in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations and international labor standards. The company is willing to accept censorship from governments, guests and other relevant organizations at any time.

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