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Cosmetics application

Cosmetic Application

Pearlux® cosmetic grade pearlescent pigments could improve the transparency of products in make-up, giving them excellent gloss, flash and luster, better compressibility and adhesion. At the same time, the surface-treated cosmetic grade pearlescent pigments also have the characteristics of lipophilic and hydrophobic, and do not agglomerate or fall off when used in pressed powder and in different makeup formulas. All our pearlescent pigments are completely safe, silky and easy to add to many types of products. We are able to provide the best colors and guarantee consistent quality.

Pearlux® cosmetic grade pearlescent pigments provide a variety of colors, easy for color matching and used to produce lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, high gloss liquid, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, nail polish, hair cream, moisturizer, hair spray and other cosmetics.

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