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Glass Flakes Silver

Pearlux® “V” valued metashine Silver based on micron glass flakes coated with Silver(Ag), which create brightness and metallic effect .



Silver(Ag) coated on glass flakes

Very clear for heavy metals.

No contain any organic compound

Conforms RoHs Regulation

No contain the health and environmental hazard materials



Lips: Lipsticks, Lip glosses, Lip balms

Nails: Nail polish, UV nail/Manicure


Pearlux® “V” Metalshine Silver Product List

Pearlux® Code

Particle Size(µm)


Pearlux® V020S

8-48 µm

Mirror Silver

Pearlux® V035S

10-100 µm

Ultra Silver

Pearlux® V080S

30-220 µm

Brilliant Silver

Pearlux® V090S

40-220 µm

Bright Silver

Pearlux® V150S

50-350 µm

Sparkling Silver

Pearlux® V200S

80- 450 µm

Glittery Silver

Pearlux® V400S

100- 800 µm

Gloss Silver

Pearlux® V500S

200-1200 µm

Scattering Silver

Pearlux® V580S

500-2000 µm

Platinum Silver


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