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Ink Application

Our effect pigments blended with inks give printings an elegant texture and endow products high-end color effect and fine print pattern for a range of multi-colored products. And our security effect pigments not only add 3D flow effects to products, but also protect brands.

Flexo printing: In flexo printing, anilox roll and photosensitive resin plate are used to color the printed material, similar as the case with sealed doctor blade system for offset printing. During the printing, ink is continuously mixed to ensure uniform distribution of effect pigments.

Gravure printing: To achieve the best printing effects, we need to adjust ink and its viscosity according to the types of printing material and the speed of printing. The printing method determines whether ink in the cell is completely transferred.

Screen printing:The use of effect pigments for screen printing allows silky pearlescent or glittering effects on films, cardboards and papers as well as textiles and many other materials.

Offset glazing: It is important to select suitable anilox roller and photosensitive resin plate. We achieve excellent pigment transfer and hiding by using photosensitive resin plate and create new individual designs in a variety of materials.

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