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Chinese Red Pearlescent Pigments

Supearl ® Chinese Red Effect Pigments

Supearl ® Chinese Red Effect Pigments are based on synthetic mica, proceed with several layers’ special coating. Their gorgeous luster, pure color, super sparkling and other properties give coating, plastic, printing and cosmetics luxury sense. Which is from a combination of unique color purity and strong reflecting ability.


Dark red pearlescent effect to create a rich and pure color

Metallic Shining and Displaying Visual Depth

Extremely smooth substrate surface

An uniform thickness



Coating: Supearl ® Chinese Red Effect Pigments especially applicable to powder coating, industrial coating and latex painting. Besides, they could be used to enhance the surface effects of woodworks, house hold equipments and fashion accessories like leather. Supearl® Chinese Red Effect Pigments have extraordinary durability, very suitable for decoration wall painting.

Printing: Supearl ® Chinese Red Effect Pigments could be used in gravure printing, flexography printing, silk screen printing and pressure coating. They make book, package, wallpaper and textile  looks exquisite beyond compare superb.

Plastic: Supearl ® Chinese Red Effect Pigments widely used in all kinds of plastic products, such as toys, food package and cosmetic package.

Product List

Supearl® Code

Particle Size(µm)


Supearl® U958

10-40 µm

 Chromatic Orange

Supearl® U959

10-60 µm

Shine Orange

Supearl® U9905

10-60 µm

Chromatic Red

Supearl® U9906

10-60 µm

Pure Metal Red

Supearl® U9916

10-100 µm

Shimmer Metal Red


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