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Anti-Yellowish Pearlescent Pigments

Supearl® Plastic Injection Grade

Supearl® Plastic grade anti-yellowing pearlescent pigments

Ordinary Pearlescent pigments are based on natural mica and coating with titanium oxide. Because of the photosensitiveness of titanium oxide, products with pearlescent pigments usually will chalking, yellowing, color-fading, blackening, color nonuniform and so on. Which seriously affects the quality and lifetime of products, and damage the industrial application.

Based on above reason, we company investigated pearlescent pigments and enhanced the production process, and developed Supearl® Plastic grade anti-yellowing pearlescent pigments to avoid above problems.


1)anti-chalking, easy dispersion

2)good weather resistance

3)Excellent protection of color, luster and whiteness, especially for plastic application

4)Enhanced the dispersion and flowability of pearlescent in heteropolarity and nonpolarity risen. The organification of pigments makes products easier and quick to mix, and let the color effect of pearlescent pigments and organic pigments fully demonstrated.

5)Moistureproof, extend the storage period. Decrease the dust emission of pearlescent in application, meet the environment and labor ethical requirement.


Plastic, caoutchouc, emulsion and so on

Product List

Supearl® Anti-yellowing pearlescent pigments

Supearl® Code

Particle Size(µm)


Supearl® P610AY

 1-15 µm

Fine Silver

Supearl® P619AY

5 - 20 µm

Luster Fine Silver

Supearl® P620AY

5 - 25 µm

Satin Silver

Supearl® P600AY

10 - 60 µm

Pearl White


Plastic application Pearlescent Pigments


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