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Super Crystal Sparkling

Supearl®“U” Super Crystal Sparkling Effects Pigments

Supearl®“U” Super Crystal Sparkling Effects Pigments are consist of choicest synthetic fluorphlogopite, treated with delicate coating process. Super optical effects and multi layers stereoscopic sensation give your products brand new innovation epical effects.

Ultrahigh color strength
Super bright and eye-catching sparkling effects
Good dispersion property
Low heavy metal content
Resistance to share, excellent chromatic and metal luster
Widely applied in coating industry, especially applicable in plastic, painting, architecture, ink and other industry area.


Supearl®“U” Super Crystal Sparkling Effects Pigments created unique sparkling effects and metal luster chromatic, widely used in coating, plastic, ink, cosmetic, toy and food package.

Products list

Crystal super sparkling silver effects

Supearl® Code

Particle Size(µm)


Supearl® U7133

 10-45 µm

Super Shining White

Supearl® U7155

20-100 µm

Super Shimming White

Supearl® U7177

40-150 µm

Super Flash White

Supearl® U7188

50-260 µm

Super Sparkling White

Crystal super sparkling interference effects

Supearl® Code

Particle Size(µm)


Supearl® U77305

20-100 µm

Super Shimmer Gold

Supearl® U77315

20-100 µm

Super Shimmer Red

Supearl® U77319

20-100 µm

Super Shimmer Purple

Supearl® U77325

20-100 µm

 Super Shimmer Blue

Supearl® U77335

20-100 µm

 Super Shimmer Green

Supearl® U77805

50-260 µm

Super Sparkling Gold

Supearl® U77815

50-260 µm

Super Sparkling Red

Supearl® U77819

50-260 µm

Super Sparkling Purple

Supearl® U77825

50-260 µm

Super Sparkling Blue

Supearl® U77835

50-260 µm

Super Sparkling Green

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