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Silvery Grey Pearlescent Pigments

Supearl® Silvery grey is a natural mica coated with only titanium dioxide and tin oxide, It does not contain any other colorants or organic pigments. A Strong and stable metallic luster is obtained by the reconstructing of the spatial arrangement of TI-O atoms on the surface of pearlescent particles. By incorporating the lattice reforming technology the desired grey effect is obtained.


Outstanding metallic effect and opacity    

Compatible with water borne and solvent borne system

No oxidization issue                      

High heat resistant

Not contained any organic pigments or colorants



Coating:Due to its extraordinary visual effects and technical properties, Supearl ® Silvery Grey are widely used in coating area, especially cars, architecture and other industrials applications. Besides, Supearl ® Silvery Grey pearlescent pigments likewise could provide extra coating for outdoor application. Therefore, these weather resistant pigments could fulfill the highest requirement of color stability and reproducibility.

Printing and plastic: Supearl ® Silvery Grey also create outstanding color effects in printing industrial. They could be added into printing color, or be used in pre-printing and overprinting for all kind of materials such as paper, carton, film, ceramic, glass and even textile, Moreover, Supearl® Silvery Grey particularly applicable to gravure, adagio and silk screen printing. In these processes, the more smoother surface and thicker ink layer the better color and luster effects will be achieved. 

Supearl ® Silvery Grey Silvery Grey Pearl

Supearl® Code

Particle Size(µm)


Supearl® 4615

< 15 µm

Soft Grey

Supearl® 4625

5 - 25 µm

Grey Satin

Supearl® 4600

10 - 60 µm

Shine Grey

Supearl® 4651

10 - 100 µm

Shimmer Grey

Supearl® 4663 

50 - 200 µm

Glittery Grey

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